Now Booked 2017: John Lovick


A talent scout serendipitously spotted a teen-aged Jack Handsome skipping school at Schwab’s Drug Store, and asked his name. “Jack Handsome,” came the reply. The talent scout said, “Jack Handsome? Handsome Jack is more like it!” and a modeling career was born. In mid-career Jack took up magic when a photographer informed him that “magicians get all the groupies.” It wasn’t until years later that Jack learned he had said musicians, not magicians. But by then it was too late to pick up a guitar.

Handsome Jack holds a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre from the University of Washington in Seattle, and currently lives in Los Angeles. He is a regular performer at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, where he has been nominated each of the last eleven years as Parlour Magician of the Year (which, of course, means he’s lost… eleven years in a row).

As a popular entertainer at social events and corporate functions, he has wowed such celebrities as Michael Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Bill Pullman, Lucy Liu, Holly Hunter, Nicolas Cage, and Angelina Jolie. Live the lifestyle of the rich and famous by having Handsome Jack liven up your next party or event. Handsome is as handsome does.