Now Booked 2017: Frank Deville

At the age of 17, Frank DeVille discovered a love and natural knack for magic. He was soon performing on the street, bringing in enough money to pay for his BFA in Theatre from George Mason University.

Frank has a very diverse, eclectic show taking classic illusions and magic tricks and devising completely unique methods of performance that often fool fellow magicians. Frank’s degree taught him the art of improvisation, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats or doubled over laughing.

Frank is lauded for drawing huge crowds, part of that success being attributed to the strolling magic teaser he performs before every show. He captivates individuals with his up-close sleight of hand and impossible tricks mere inches from their eyes. These “teaser” mini-shows create a huge buzz and guarantee a spectacular turnout.

Highly acclaimed by his peers, his esteemed awards include the 2008 People’s Choice Award, 2008 and 2009 winner of the “Robert Escher Close Up and Parlor Magic Competition,” and in 2009 he was awarded first place in the “Comedy Caravan’s Battle of the Hands.” Watch Frank perform and you will quickly understand why Alain Nu, star of TLC’s TV series “The Mysterious World of Alain Nu” said “Frank’s 6 bill repeat is the best I’ve ever seen.”