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(Well, not all.... we have some secrets!)

We start at 11:00am and the magic will be non-stop until 9:00pm…ok, we will stop for a dinner break, but other than that you will experience the most amazing, magic-packed day you’ve ever experienced!

Nine lectures/talks
an International Close-Up Show
culminating in a stellar, Star filled Evening Gala Show.

You will not want to miss a minute of it.

We’ve already announced a dozen of our performers and here are three more…
Mike Hummer
Michael Vincent
Piff The Magic Dragon
And that’s not all. We’ve saved some very special performers who will not be announced until the moment you see them on Saturday…and you will be blown away!

So, here’s the schedule…

11:00 – Introduction and Mike Hummer Lecture
11:45 – Boris Wild Lecture
12:25 – Sara Crasson Lecture
1:00 – John Carey Lecture
1:45 – Close-Up Show featuring Dylan Duboys, Ed Kwon, Eric DeCamps, Geoff Williams, Michael Vincent and Boris Wild.
3:10 – Piff The Magic Dragon Lecture
3:50 – Geoff Williams Lecture
4:30 - David Garrard Lecture
5:10 – David Corsaro Lecture
5:45 – Special Surprise Lecture
6:15 – Dinner Break
7:30 – Awards and Evening Gala Show featuring Jeremy Mikaelson, David Corsaro, Sara Crasson, Jack Woux, Gino Mozzarella, David Garrard, Alex Boyce…and a surprise.

Well, I told you it was a very full day of fantastic magic. If you have not already registered, what are you waiting for? It is free! Just send an e-mail to to get your registration.

You will receive your personal zoom invitation to join us on Saturday.

And if you want to check on the previous performers we announced or how to vote for the competition acts, just go to our website, or our Facebook page, Magians Alliance of Eastern States.

See you on Saturday!

REGISTER HERE FOR MAES On-Line Convention : September 12, 2020 JOIN US ON ZOOM!

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