MAES 2018 – Tentative Schedule

The Dealer Room is Grand Ballroom B. There will be Session Tables in the rear of the room available during Dealer Room Open Hours.

Unless otherwise noted, all activities take place in Grand Ballroom A


MAES – 2018 Tentative Schedule

Thursday, Sept. 6th

            6:00PM Registration Opens

            6:00pm to 11:00 pm – Dealers Open

            6:00pm – Silent auction Set-up

            7:30 pm – Cerebral Sorcery – Francis Menotti and David London

                                    Show followed by lecture


Friday, Sept. 7th

            9:00am – Registration Opens

            9:00am – Silent Auction opens

            9:30am – Lecture – Huot, Lacroix and Trudel

            11:00am – Lecture – Marcus Eddie Lecture

            12:00pm – Visit Dealers

            1:30pm – Close-Up Show -    Michel Huot

                                                            Yannick Lacroix

                                                            Marc Trudel

                                                            Joe Rindfleisch

                                                            Marcus Eddie

            3:30pm – Lecture -Jonathan Neal

            4:45 – Silent auction closes

            5:00pm Visit Dealers

            7:30pm – Wm. Endlich Show

                                    Meir Yedid

                                    Marc Salem

            10:00pm – Auction

            10:00pm – Dealers Close



Saturday, Sept. 8th

            8:00am – Stage and Close-Up Competitor’s Meeting

            9:00am – Registration Opens

            9:00am – Dealers Open

            9:00am – Silent Auction opens

            9:15am – Stage Competition

            11:00am – Lecture – Joe Rindfleisch

            12:00pm – Visit Dealers

            12:15pm – Stage Competition Feedback Session

            1:30pm – Close-Up Competition

            2:45pm – Silent auction closes

            3:00pm – Lecture – Gene Anderson

            4:15pm – MAES Business Meeting

            5:15pm – Close-Up Competition Feedback Session

            7:45pm – Awards Ceremony

            7:45pm – Dealers close

            8:00pm – Evening Show -      Gene Anderson

                                                            Michel Huot, Yannick Lacroix and Marc Trudel

                                                            Nicolas Dutel

                                                            Jonathan Neal and Liane



12:00 a.m. - Dealers Out